Arabesque # One by Debussy. Duration 4mins. 55secs.

Magic Happens!

'Connections' Meditation

Breathe consciously & fairly deeply, but do not hyperventilate. When your own rhythm is established, become aware that each 'in' breath you take contains molecules which will now become part of your body - and that each 'out' breath sends molecules into the surrounding atmosphere, to be breathed in by some other organism. These molecules have existed in some form from the beginning of the universe, & will continue to exist 'for ever'. The air you are breathing now was breathed out by someone,or something, thousands of miles away yesterday, & may be breathed in tomorrow by a life-form in another Hemisphere. With each breath, you become more conscious of these connections, & the impossibility of isolating yourself from the rainbowWeb of life. Return to 'normal' breathing slowly, when it seems appropriate to do so.

With Love from Margaret RainbowWeb

Margaret says, "This photo was taken with my old 110 camera - I was astounded when I got the prints!"

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